I'm Jack zhou

I help dropshipping businesses transition into successful eCommerce brands by improving supply chain and taking the stress of fulfillment off their hands.

“Destiny is the push of our instincts to the pull of our purpose”. – T.D Jakes

I don’t remember to be honest. But it couldn’t be truer.

Today, when I sit back and retrospect (when I have time to retrospect that is), I believe that it was the ‘pull’ that got me to where I am.

A fervent desire to succeed. A will to make it big, that was stronger than the temporary setbacks that were holding me back.

I am an entrepreneur based in Shenzhen, the bustling city that is home to 20 million marketplaces.

The world shops at Shenzhen which is fondly called ‘The Global Gadget Capital’ or ‘The city of the future’.

I am in my late twenties and I helm a startup that is currently raking in six figures a year.

Guess what I do? I help others succeed.

That’s right. I am an e-commerce consultant who firmly believes that this business has the potential to change lives. And that anyone who’s not capitalizing on this potential is losing out on a huge, huge opportunity to make millions of dollars.

What’s funny though is that a decade ago, I didn’t even know that this opportunity existed.

Let me quickly give you some backstory on how I ended up becoming an e-commerce and drop shipping consultant

The Struggle is Real

Most children at a young age considered themselves to be lucky to be born alone in a small family.

You get all the attention you need from your parents. You won’t have to share your bedroom with an annoying elder sibling.

But life isn’t a cakewalk when both your parents are uneducated workers. There’s nobody to guide you or show you the right career path.

The only thing that my mother always emphasized on, was the importance of education.

She would repeat it a hundred times every day that ‘Jack, you need a college degree to get a job’

This was deeply ingrained in my psyche since the early days. ‘No degree = No job’.

I was pretty scared; I tell you that.

What made it worse was that I was pathetic at studies.

Mathematics was a nightmare that I could never figure out. I remember wondering how I would clear the exams each time, at least with the bare minimum grades.

But then, the biggest setback in my life until then happened.

My parents lost their job when I was in high school. Suddenly, life had changed overnight.

What was an option for me had suddenly turned into a necessity.

I had to succeed. There was no other choice and I decided to take things more seriously.

I would be up at 5am every day. Like clockwork. And I’d be the first one in class in the morning.

As for the nightmare (mathematics), I grabbed it by the horn and tamed it. It wasn’t as big a problem anymore.

Finally, I made it to college.

That was the first time in my life, that I felt that I could do something consistently rather than doing it for a day or two and giving up.

The Confusing Twenties

(My first week in Shenzhen)

There’s a reason why they call the twenties, the most confusing decade of your life.

The insane hormonal surge of the teens has just ended. You feel like you are ready to conquer the world.

But surprisingly, the decisions that you make are seldom right.

My first reaction when I got out of college was that I needed to find myself a job.

How would I start my life otherwise? A job seemed like the most logical decision at that point of time.

But when you are born in the countryside in rural china, you have very few choices.   

So, I decided to head to where the all the bustle was, Shenzhen.

And within the next few weeks, I landed myself a job.


The First Job

My first job was as a sales rep. The pay scale was nothing to write home about. But that was the least of my concerns. I was in it for the things that I could learn. And learn I did, a lot.

In fact, it was that job that introduced me to the world of opportunity that was lying dormant in the online market.

My job was uploading products on Alibaba and sending follow-up emails.

Doesn’t sound too great, does it?

For three months, I just struggled the hell out of myself.

Not a single client. And I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong.

Finally, I quit.

Yes, I quit my first job out of sheer frustration of not being able to succeed.

But the learning stuck with me. And I started to make decent progress in my second job.

A Broken Relationship

The second biggest setback happened when my long term girlfriend told me that she couldn’t be with me anymore because she didn’t see a successful future together.

Well, she wasn’t wrong. I was struggling. Not a great pay packet to boast of.

No home of my own.

And owning an apartment is one of the bedrocks of a relationship in China.

I had two choices in front of my eyes.

Either to spend the next twenty years of my life working and hoping to buy an apartment of my own.

Or to take a risk then and there. And I took that risk.

I decided to start my own business so that I could earn faster.

Yitoye – My Maiden Venture Fails

I jumped head over heels into a business and did what everybody else was doing without having the slightest idea of what I was getting into.

Classic knee jerk reaction!

I had gained some insights into Vending machines in my second job. So I set up a business selling Vending machines to overseas clients. However, I knew nothing about the market or the customers. 

My only focus was to make money.

And when the only thing that you can see is dollars, then you tend to lose focus from everything else.

I didn’t know the market, nor did I know the target audience.

The business failed in just 10 months. And miserably at that.

Sourcingbro – My Second Venture

After a two-month hiatus where I tried to rethink my decisions, I started my second venture called sourcingbro.com

This is where I applied all that I had learnt in my past two jobs.

Marketing, generating leads, sending follow ups, everything came into play and I started to generate leads and get clients.

With persistence and effort, I made it to a six-figure income. But the growth was nowhere as fast as I wanted it to be.

But it was with sourcinbro.com that I saw the demand from drop shippers in the overseas market.

And just out of the blue, I got an opportunity to join a US-based startup, called Italic.

(This was my desk in Italic)


While working in sourcingbro.com, my main job was to source products from manufacturers in Shenzhen, handling logistics for my overseas clients and performing quality control on their behalf.

But most of the suppliers that I worked with were low end factories or middle end ones at best.

Italic gave me an opportunity to work with the best manufacturers in China, who produced products for brands like Parada, Miumiu, Kate Spade, Coach and more.

With that single opportunity, my entire view point about merchandising/design, customer support and product quality and branding/marketing changed.

I realized that there is a world of difference in a medium-sized factory and a large one. The quality, the service, everything is poles apart.

Armed with the knowledge that I gained in Italic, I have started my latest venture jackzhou.com

While working with Sourcingbro, almost anyone who was looking to import from China, was a potential client for me.

Not anymore.

My focus is solely on drop shippers looking to set up a successful online business.

With the years of experience behind me, I already had a bird’s eye view of the ‘Hows’ of the business.

But now, I know the ‘Whys’ as well.

Why don’t most businesses succeed with dropshipping? Why do businesses prefer a lower price over better quality? Why private labelling your products is the future of dropshipping?

I am well aware of the ground realities of the dropshipping model.

And I am here to help build successful online brands.

The Future

As of now, I have a clear roadmap to where I want to be, say five years from now.

My focus will be to take my agency to heights that I was unable to achieve with Sourcingbro.com now. And I hope that I can help you succeed along with me. 

Let’s build brands together. Nd make all the money in the world.
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