Advanced Supply Chain Management To Help You Grow.

How it works

When you work with our team you’ll have more time to focus on what really matters.

We handle the stress of order fulfillment from start to finish, allowing you to focus on marketing and scaling your business.

How We Do It

Seemless Communication

To prevent unorganized communication (Example: Email, Skype, Wechat, etc) we put everything in one place, which is Slack. The entire team will be in one group to support your business. 

Integration with our Apps

Our ERP system offers you hands-free automatic fulfillment. No more cumbersome spreadsheet and CVS files to be maintained. Get real time reports and trackable information to make customer support a breeze. 

Supply Chain management

Our senior sourcing managers filter suppliers to maintain the highest quality control standard. 

We negotiate with manufacturers to get the lowest price possible. You can save up to 40% compared to buying from Aliexpress

We offer FREE inventory stocking and order fulfillment. All the products are stocked and shipped out of our warehouse in China to cut processing times by up to 70%.

Other Benfits

Fast shipping speeds help to improve your overall customer experience as well, giving you another advantage when it comes time to build your dropshipping empire with us.

We even offer custom photography options, custom packaging and labeling options – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!


Dropshipping Isn’t Just about Running Ads - That's only the first step

Most people who are new to eCommerce think that the biggest challenge they face is becoming profitable with advertising.  

Unfortunately… that is only the beginning. As you probably know, once you start getting consistent sales, there are many more time consuming challenges that you must face head on.

The products don’t magically just show up, you need to fulfill all the orders and it can be EXTREMELY time consuming. Not to mention the endless flow of customer complaints that stat arriving:

“When will my order arrive..?”

“I didn’t receive my products!”

“I’ve been waiting over 30 days?!”

“Your products are GARBAGE!”

The worst part? 

All this is going on while you are trying to grow and scale your business… What a HEADACHE.

If you have experience working with Aliexpress as a fulfillment option, you know how unreliable and inefficient it can be. Not only are processing times 4, 5 and 6 days (despite what they advertise), but suppliers don’t really care about you or your business. 

They have orders coming in from all around the world and they don’t have the time to worry about helping you and your customers. And the ones who do care about helping you, well there is usually a significant language barrier you will have to fight through…

And that’s exactly why we started Jack Zhou Consulting. 

We build customized strategies to meet each of our clients needs. We hand-pick the people that we work with so that we can be sure we have the time and resources to care properly for their business. 

Not only do we provide the lowest prices, completely automated fulfillment processes, quickest processing times AND a variety of other sourcing benefits… We ALSO speak fluent english!

So if you’re looking to a smoother, more efficient approach to automating order fulfillment, schedule a FREE strategy session to see if we are a good fit for your business. 

Meet The Owner

Jack is an e-commerce consultant based in Shenzhen, the global manufacturing hub that is home to 20-million marketplaces. Jack helps e-commerce startups and dropshipping businesses succeed, by utilizing strategies and technologies that are unique to his company. 

He started consulting after seeing a gap in the marketplace while pursuing his own eCom ventures. With a lack of reliable sourcing and fulfilment options, he started JZ Consulting and has now helped over 200 eCommerce brands deliver high quality products to their valuable customers, all around the world.

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Frequently asked questions

Our service fees are included in our quote. No fulfillment fees, no warehousing fees, and our App is free as well.

We integrate our app with your store to make fulfillment as easy as possible. No placing orders, no spreadsheets etc. We handle the entire process.

This really depends on how fast you need products delivered. We have many different shipping options, which we can discuss on our call.

It’s all on us, we will send out replacements to any customers where parcels have been lost in transit or damaged during the shipment.

We start by checking with our current network of over 200 manufacturers. If the product is extremely unique and not available within that network, our team will go to work and find out where we can find it for you. Typically we will have a quote ready for you within 48 hours.

We hand pick everyone that we work with. To deliver the best services possible, we limit the capacity of how many people we work with at one time. This allows us to provide very fast shipping and processing times, even during Q4 and other business times of year.

We also act as your quality control team. If we think a product is poor quality, we will tell you that we don’t recommend selling it. Transparency is what we live by. 

To Learn More About How We Might Be Able To Help You Build Your Own Dropshipping Empire!

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